The best solution

Our domain is piece, small batch and serial production of high-precision parts on nearly forty three-axis, four-axis and five-axis CNC centres. We process a wide range of materials: structural steels, alloy steels, aluminium alloys and other non-ferrous metals.

Choosing the most efficient machining technology, including the design and manufacture of suitable fixtures, is a natural part of our service. We consult the entire process with the customer to meet their expectations and requirements. We process the technical preparation of the production using the latest CAD/CAM software.

CNC machining

We have a wide production base of multi-axis machining centres.

Inspection and quality

An integral part of our production is quality control by conventional methods as well as on coordinate-measuring machines

Surface finishes

The machined parts can be finished by sandblasting, tumbling or vibratory finishing.


We design, manufacture, refine and assemble individual components, smaller subassemblies according to specific customer requirements.

Metal engraving

Engraving of metallic and non-metallic metals.×-1440-pixels-–-Scaled-63-640x640.png


We will be happy to transport your products with our own vehicles or arrange transport by a delivery service.